Welcome to the RE Handbook

The Religious Education Handbook offers a resource for teachers wishing to develop their subject and professional knowledge in the teaching of religion in primary and secondary schools in England.

The resource does not pretend to be exhaustive. However, it has drawn together a range of expert contributors, from the faith traditions, from teachers, from advisers and academics. Many of these writers have a lifelong association with the traditions about which they write, some are converts, others are lecturers, scholars, teachers with decades of experience. These writers have all been asked to produce in short, summary form some of their area of expertise, and all suggest further resources. Online resource recommendations here permeate this Handbook.

Recommendation of these and book resources include high quality subject and professional learning for teachers practitioner and academic peer-review materials. The premise here is that learning how to be an excellent teacher of religious education is not going to be easy, particularly if your degree background and training was outside of religious studies or theology. Even if your degree background and training was in religious studies or theology, religious education is so diverse a subject that few would claim to have outstanding subject knowledge expertise in all aspects of the subject.

Naturally of course, there are many examples presented throughout the Handbook of pedagogy which involve experience of religious communities and the wider context of learning outside the classroom.

The editor also extends many grateful thanks to all the expert contributions without whom there would no Religious Education Handbook.

The editor is also grateful to the Steering Group that guided the path through to its conclusion.

Any questions or queries, please do get in touch with me at Oxford.

Liam Gearon
University of Oxford

Reviewed and revised by Sharon Artley 2011 sharonartley@onyxnet.co.uk