Leading and managing/ resourcing and planning religious education

This section contains some practical advice on how to manage and resource a department of religious education, whether in primary, secondary or special needs school.

It also contains narratives or case studies from classroom practitioners from one primary, one secondary and one special needs school to give a flavour of how some of these principle are managed in practice.


Questions to consider:

  • Effective leaders of RE are those with a vision. There are as many ‘visions’ of what RE is, should or could be as there are teachers of RE. What is your ‘vision’ for RE?
  • How has that vision changed over the years?
  • What experiences have helped to shape it?
  • How would you impart that vision to other members of your department or school?
  • How might your understanding of the nature and purpose of RE impact on the RE curriculum in your school and consequently on students’ experiences of and attitudes towards RE?
Managing and leading Leading RE in your school What sort of leader are you? Key areas of subject leadership OfSTED and subject leadership Improving as a subject leader Raising the profile of RE Developing an RE handbook Planning a scheme of work Reviewing Long term planning Medium term Planning Short term planning Learning objectives and learning outcomes Self Evaluation in RE Pupil outcomes Effectiveness of provision Effectiveness of leadership and management Improvement planning SACREs Agreed syllabuses Leading and managing RE in the primary school Leading and managing a secondary RE department Leading and managing religious education in the special educational needs school